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Use of Original & 3rd Party Content


All original content on this website  will be noted as such with a mark of "Original Content".  "Original Content" is defined as any art, photo, template, document and or article generated by Minuteman Press Wappingers Falls.  The use of "Original Content" should be guided by the language accompanying it on the website.  You may share or download "Original Content" but MUST provide credit to Minuteman Press Wappingers Falls, or the noted author.

All other uses of "Original Content" is prohibited and requires express written consent from Minuteman Press Wappingers Falls.

Any questions or comments regarding "Original Content" should  be directed to  Please include "Original Content" in the subject line.


The copyrights for all third party content to which we provide access, directly or indirectly, belong to the applicable creator or rights holder. The inclusion of, or reference to such content on this site is intended to fall within the boundaries of fair use, or within the scope of any license agreement that may be in place. In any event, the rights of the copyright holder remain intact and enforceable.

We have provided access to third party content as a public service and neither endorse nor represent the creator or rights holder, nor do we benefit in any way from your use of it.

We make no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the quality, completeness or suitability of third party content, either expressed or implied, and cannot be held liable for issues that arise from your viewing of the content.


Minuteman Press Wappingers Falls Privacy Policy

At Minuteman Press Wappingers Falls, We take your privacy very seriously. 

We will never sell your personal data and will never share it with any non-verified business entity.  Please click on link for complete information on our Privacy Policy and ways to contact us directly should you have any questions.

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